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Nikon D7100 VS Canon 6D

The D7100 from the house of Nikon and the 6D from the house of Canon are both great DSLRs. The cameras however have been built in different ways and before we begin comparing, this point must be kept in mind. If you are unable to decide which camera to buy, take a look at this article and may be you will have a clearer idea. Continue reading

Nikon D7100 VS Canon 7D

The Canon 7D is a solid camera with some great features like a good AF system and a strong sensor. The Nikon D7100 is another power packed DSLR and so the comparisons between the two cameras are quite rife at the moment. If you are looking to buy a camera and cannot choose between the two, take a look at the comparison below and then make a choice. Continue reading

Nikon D7100 VS Nikon D5200

After the Nikon D5200 was launched, many people argued that the camera, with it improved AF and sensors, was capable of outclassing any camera from Canon. However, with the launch of the Nikon D7100, the praises seemed to have shifted to the D7100 from the D5200. Given below is a thorough comparison of the features of the D5200 and the D7100. Take a look. Continue reading

Nikon D7100 vs Nikon D7000

The D7100 is an upgraded version of the D7000 camera from the house of Nikon. Though both the cameras are very good entry level DSLRs, the upgrades available in the D7100 are surely worth a look. With an improved autofocus, this camera helps in taking sharper pictures. However, the price of the D7100 is a lot higher than the D7000 and so you must really understand and compare the differences between the features of both the cameras and then decide the one you want to go for. Continue reading

Nikon D7100 Review and Overview

The D7100 is a wonderful new camera from the house of Nikon and is placed higher than the D5200 and the D3200 models as well. The most striking new feature of the D7100 is the new Toshiba-made 24 megapixel sensor. This is an extremely advanced sensor and comes without the AA filter, which enables you to capture sharper and clearer images. The D7100 has a lot of the features of its predecessor, the D7000, but the upgrades are worth mentioning. Continue reading