Nikon D7100 VS Canon 6D

The D7100 from the house of Nikon and the 6D from the house of Canon are both great DSLRs. The cameras however have been built in different ways and before we begin comparing, this point must be kept in mind. If you are unable to decide which camera to buy, take a look at this article and may be you will have a clearer idea.

Features of the D7100
Let us begin with the Nikon D7100. The camera has a very robust body which is much stronger than the previous Nikon models. The camera is therefore suitable for rough outdoor shoots. Then, the camera has a solid 24MP sensor, which clicks very sharp and clear images. The D7100 also has a cool WiFi feature. A wireless WiFi adapter can be inserted into the USB port and then you can click images remotely. You can also use this feature to directly transfer photos from the camera to your smart device. There are 51 AF points and the D7100 can also focus very well in low light conditions.
This camera is very well suited for photography enthusiasts and amateur photographers.

Features of the 6D
The 6D is a camera that is well suited for those people whole like perfection. The camera has the best sensors and filters and so works well in almost all possible conditions and lights. This camera too is a very robust camera and can easily be taken on rough outdoor shoots without any problems whatsoever. The 6D does not have the fancy WiFi feature but this is not a problem, as Canon, in its attempt to focus solely on the quality of the images, has created a camera that shoots great images at any time of the day or night. The 6D outclasses the D7100 when it comes to HD movies. Though the user cannot share the videos as quickly as in the D7100, the quality of the videos are much better when shot on a 6D. The main reason behind this is that Canon uses better quality lenses and filters and so the quality of the videos and the still images are a lot better in the 6d.
The Canon 6D is perfect to serious photographers who stress of image quality and shooting in challenging light conditions.

Comparing the D7100 and the 6D
The Nikon D7100 and the Canon 6D are essentially very different cameras, aimed at different people. The D7100 is well suited for a person who clicks images and videos of the family and is not a serious, professional photographer. The D7100 is a great camera for the family as it allows the user to click and share the images and videos easily and quickly.
The Canon 6D is a camera that is aimed towards people who take the business of photography more seriously and focus more on image quality than on the fancy features available on DSLRs these days.
Both the cameras are solid DSLRs and you must go through the features of both the cameras before you make your choice. Also consider the prices of both the devices before you make a purchase.

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