Nikon D7100 vs Nikon D7000

The D7100 is an upgraded version of the D7000 camera from the house of Nikon. Though both the cameras are very good entry level DSLRs, the upgrades available in the D7100 are surely worth a look. With an improved autofocus, this camera helps in taking sharper pictures. However, the price of the D7100 is a lot higher than the D7000 and so you must really understand and compare the differences between the features of both the cameras and then decide the one you want to go for.


The D7100 and the D7000 look more or less the same. There is one major difference however and that is the placement of certain buttons. For example, the zoom button on the D7100 is placed exactly opposite from where it is found on a D7000. The ISO button is also difficult to locate as well because the button is placed on the side panel along with many other similar-sized buttons. It may thus take some time to get used to these changes.

There are some nice upgrades too. The D7100 is has the extremely useful ‘i’ buttons. Then, the trigger key is also replaced by the ‘live view’, making it very handy.


A press release from the house of Nikon stated, “images explode with more clarity and detail to take full advantage of the 24.1-megapixel resolution achieved with D7100’s DX-format CMOS sensor”.

The D7100 is the only camera from Nikon to have this unique sensor. The optical low pass filter is not present in the sensor. This means the resolution is crystal clear and the pictures turn out to be sharper and crisper. However there is one question that is being asked and that is how well will the camera be able to handle moiré?

The D7000 with is 16MP APS-C sensor is a very good camera and the sensor has been praised a lot. The camera is capable of taking pictures that can be blown up to any size. Also, the APS-C sensor is capable of noise reduction, something that may or may not happen in the high 24.1 MP sensor of the D7100.


There are 51 AF points in the D7100 and 15 of those are cross type points. Nikon claims that the D7100 is very well suited to adapt to low light and focuses well even in dark places.

The D7000 has only 39 points of autofocus and the rise in the number of points in quite impressive. However, the low light autofocus is a more attractive feature of the D7100.


The video feature in the D7100 is much better than the D7000. This is mainly because the D7100 is capable of shooting complete HD movies at 25 and 30 FPS as well as 50i and 60i. In the crop mode, the D7100 can shoot 50p and 60p.


The Nikon D7100 can only shoot 7 images in 12-bit RAW or 6 in 14-bit as compared to 11 or 10 images each on the D7000. The jpeg buffer in the D7100 is marginally bigger at 33, while that of the D7000 is 31. This obviously has been done to make room for the larger pictures that the 24Mp sensor will click.

Final verdict: D7100 or D7000

The D7100 is a great camera and if you shoot a lot of sporting events and videos, it would be a good idea to upgrade to the D7100 from the D7000. However, the price difference between the two cameras is a lot, with the D7000 selling at $689 and the D7100 at a whopping $1149! Keep the price difference in mind, assess the features and then go for the camera you like more.

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